Groundbreaking Project: Westport 85

Groundbreaking Project:
Three RiteAire Marine Dehumidifier System Units
Installed in Westport 85 with Fresh Air Makeup System

Westport 85

The first week of March, Hector Escardo broke new ground for RiteAire Marine™ by installing three RAM Dehumidifier units in a Westport 85 motor yacht that was equipped with a fresh air makeup system intended to improve ventilation onboard. The fresh air system unfortunately was contributing to a chronic humidity problem that caused dampness throughout the yacht’s interior, especially in the insulation and the headliners. Testament to the custom nature of every RAM yacht installation, Hector designed an elegant air-quality solution for the Westport that lowered its interior humidity level by 40 percent in the first two hours of operation.

Hector Escardo reviews the plans for the installation with the captain.

“The fresh air makeup unit was bringing 500 cubic feet of outside air per minute into the boat, and that air was very humid. The captain had been running two portable dehumidifiers onboard for years, but they couldn’t handle the humidity,” Hector said, adding, “The headliners were not just sagging, they were dripping with humidity.”

The fresh air makeup system included a large air intake in the “attic” located above the helm station in the wheelhouse that was dumping outside air into the yacht’s return air system. It was so damp in the attic, which is only about 100 square feet in size, that Hector said, “At the start of the project, we had to get into that area with a bucket and chamois.”

Hector works in a tight compartment onboard

The second RAM unit was tucked neatly into a cabinet in the Westport’s dining salon. “We got permission to take over two drawers, but we were able to keep the front of the cabinet in place,” Hector said. The RAM installation also required adding air vents in the salon. “We are making custom grills for those vents that match the boat’s mahogany and sapele woodwork,” he reported. A utility space under the stairs leading to the forward staterooms holds the third RAM unit. Hector also designed and installed an innovative, custom air ducting system that connects to the Westport’s own ducts. The combined system now routes RAM-generated dry air throughout the yacht’s interior.

Before starting the project, a Greywolf humidity sensing meter placed in the attic above the galley registered a whopping 85 percent humidity. The custom RiteAire Marine Dehumidifier system lowered that reading to 45 percent just two hours after being switched on. The “set-it-and-forget-it” system now automatically keeps the Westport’s humidity level in the “Healthy Zone” of between 40 and 50 degrees.

Hector reported that after a few hours of RAM air quality, “The captain’s headliners were tight as guitar strings.”

Another successful RAM installation!

The New Year kicked off with a bang! Hector and his team have been traveling every week. First to Orange Beach for a Viking 68’ installation and then to Riviera Beach and most recently to Ft. Myers for double unit installation aboard a Princess 70’.

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