The RiteAire Marine™ Whole-Boat Dehumidification System Is Now Available as a Standard Option for New Viking Yachts

The RiteAire system is listed under “Interior” on the Optional Equipment page of the yacht’s specifications.
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One of the Biggest New Boat Sales and Brokerage Firms in the U.S., HMY Focuses on Fulfilling Every Customer’s Individual Needs

On November 1st, 1979, HMY Yacht Sales was co-founded by 23-year-old yacht salesman and entrepreneur Steve Moynihan, who remains with the company as sole owner today. HMY started out with a single location – a floating office in Fort Lauderdale. Over the years, the sales force grew to more than 70 yacht sales professionals and dedicated team members, and the company added 12 more locations, all strategically positioned in major marinas along the U.S. East Coast from Ocean Reef in the Florida Keys to Newport, Rhode Island.

Newport, Rhode Island, site of the newest HMY location

Offering new and brokerage yachts from 14’ RIBs to 200’+ superyachts, HMY handles all aspects of yacht sales, service, charter, and yacht management for its customers. One of the biggest new-boat brands HMY proudly represents is Viking Yachts, along with its Princess cruising yacht line and Valhalla outboard-powered fishing boats.

HMY has been a Viking dealer now for 31 years starting in 1992. With territory from Northern South Carolina to the Florida Keys, HMY has built long-lasting relationships with clients throughout the Southeast by providing them with the finest sportfishing product in the market,” said Viking Brand Advisor, Logan Pryor. “In fact, the majority of HMY’s Viking clients are repeat customers and have purchased numerous Vikings over the years. Today, HMY’s relationship with Viking is stronger than ever with numerous builds in process from 33’ to 90’.

RiteAire Marine™, which has installed our Whole-Boat Dehumidification System in 112 Viking Yachts to date, met the HMY team through owners who asked HMY to order the RiteAire Marine system for their yachts.

“We were impressed by the way the HMY sales professionals took care of their clients before, during and after the purchase of their new yacht. HMY is also a very easy and efficient company to work with as an equipment vendor,” said RiteAire Marine Co-Founder Hector Escardo.

“Good air quality is imperative to many of our clients, especially if they plan on staying on board the vessel for an extended period. All of our clients who have RiteAire installed claim that they see a significant difference in the feel and smell of the interiors of their boats. This past summer, a 72, two 68s, a 64, and an 80 all had RiteAire installed. Overall, having this system is a low-maintenance solution to providing extra protection in air quality,” Pryor said.

Viking 80 sister ship

As an example, he continued, “We had an 80 Viking that was completed this past July in which the client was very specific and particular about what he wanted. However, having a proper dehumidification system on board was of extreme importance to him since the boat would be traveling extensively in the wintertime when not in its home base of Palm Beach Gardens. Therefore, one of the first items that was chosen for the 80 was having a RiteAire System onboard, and in fact, the buyer would not feel comfortable staying onboard the boat without it.”

The HMY sales team attends the Viking VIP Boat Show in Riviera Beach, Florida, each year to support clients who are building new yachts or considering moving up to a different model. In addition, HMY sends team members to all of the major boat shows in the regions it serves, including the Discover Boating Miami International Boat Show, which is coming up on February 14-18.  

“At the 2024 Miami International Boat Show show, HMY will have our own brokerage display as well as our sales professionals working the displays of the new yacht manufacturers that we represent, including Viking,” said Derrico. “We look forward to serving our customers with all their yachting needs at the show and hope to see you on the docks.”

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HMY’s dedicated Viking team at a recent boat show

RiteAire Marine Introduces RAM 3 Dehumidifier

Introducing the Next-Generation RiteAire Marine™ RAM 3 Whole-Boat Dehumidification System with WiFi and Touchscreen Control

RiteAire Marine™ rolled out the next generation of its Whole-Boat Dehumidification System at the Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show (FLIBS) in October 2023. RiteAire Marine has reduced humidity in yacht interiors to healthy, comfortable levels by distributing dry air via the yacht’s own ductwork since 2013. Thanks to its advanced digital design, the new RiteAire Marine RAM 3 system not only automatically controls humidity on board, but it also offers an enhanced user experience, including WiFi capability and a new LCD touchscreen control panel.

The new RiteAire Marine RAM 3 System is based on the proprietary RAM 3 Dehumidifier Unit which features built-in WiFi capability, eliminating the need for users to control the system from a display panel mounted to the wall of the yacht.

“Now yacht owners and captains can operate their RAM 3 system remotely from their smartphone using the RiteAire WiFi mobile app,” said RiteAire Marine Co-Owner Hector Escardo. “The app can be downloaded from the Apple App Store or Google Play. It lets you monitor data from your RAM 3 Dehumidification System and adjust the relative humidity in your yacht’s interior right from your phone.”

Escardo added, “Even when the yacht is out of range of WiFi, if you have cell service, you can use your phone as a hotspot to power your RiteAire WiFi app. You also can adjust your RiteAire system’s settings directly using the new LCD Touchscreen Control Panel incorporated into each RAM 3 unit installed in your boat.”

Along with putting the power to control your yacht’s RiteAire Marine system in the palm of your hand, the new system’s digital WiFi connectivity enables a RiteAire tech to help you program and diagnose the system remotely, without having to make a service call. In addition, the app will send you a reminder when it’s time to make a filter change, ensuring that your RAM 3 system is always operating at peak efficiency.

The new RAM 3 Dehumidification System also offers another key benefit. While the original system included add-on thermal protection, that governor is now built in. Thermal protection shuts down the system when ambient temperatures inside the yacht exceed 95 degees in order to prevent the system from overheating. Thermal protection helps to extend the life of your RiteAire Marine Whole-Boat Dehumidification System, which works in conjunction with the yacht’s onboard air conditioning system to lower interior humidity on board.

Built-in digital connectivity and thermal protection make the new RiteAire Marine RAM 3 Whole-Boat Dehumidification System easier to install both for RiteAire technicians and boat builders. “Although it has roughly the same footprint as our original unit, thanks to these upgrades, there is less additional wiring involved with the next-generation system,” Escardo said.

RAM 3 Dehumidifier Unit with Ducting

The RAM 3 Dehumidifier Unit with ductwork that distributes dry air throughout the yacht’s interior

Spotlight on the Galati Yacht Sales Service Dept.

Please Don’t Call it “Service”

Galati Yacht Sales Provides Total Customer Support

For the Life Cycle of Your Boat

During the decade that RiteAire Marine® has been installing our custom Whole-Boat Dehumidification System in yachts, we have worked in many, many marine service yards. The family-owned Galati Yacht Sales runs one of the best-run service operations we have ever seen, delivering outstanding customer service.

But apparently, “service” is the wrong word to use to describe it.

“We don’t offer service. We are 100% a customer support team. We are here to support you,” said Mike Galati.

A member of the second generation of his family to work for the 53-year-old company, Mike leads the Customer Service (Support) Team at Galati’s yacht service yards, which currently employ more than 80 people.

Galati Yacht Sales operates three service yards on Florida’s Gulf Coast, located in the towns of Anna Maria, Tampa and Destin. Galati also is a new-boat dealer for Viking, Valhalla, Cruisers, Princess and Prestige Yachts, as well as selling pre-owned yachts out of 14 different locations across the U.S., in Mexico and Costa Rica. Dedicated to providing complete customer support throughout the life cycle of the boats purchased through Galati Yacht Sales, the service yards primarily work on customers’ yachts.

“We service the brands we sell,” Mike said.

Galati’s yards provide a wide range of parts, maintenance and repair work. Mike and the other service (support) managers won’t sign off on any job that doesn’t meet the family’s exacting standard of quality.

RiteAire Marine Co-Owner Ted Reese, who recently had the galley of his Viking 61 updated at Galati’s Anna Maria service yard, can attest to this. “We had new appliances and matching hardware on the cabinetry installed. When I got back on the boat, it was perfect. The result is beautiful, and they did it all in-house,” Ted said. “When I take my Viking to Galati, it’s like taking it to a ‘health spa”’ Now, my boat is ready for another season of fun and fishing.”

No customer request is too small for Galati’s Customer Support Team to handle. “We ship parts all over our large territory and wherever our customers travel. It’s a relationship. When you are part of the family, you are part of the family,” Mike said.

RiteAire Marine Co-Owner Hector Escardo’s relationship with Galati dates back at least 20 years. “We call Hector a ‘MacGyver’. You give him a task and he will figure out how to make it happen,” Mike said. When the RiteAire Dehumidification System launched in 2013, the Galati team recognized its value for their customers right away.

“I have been a big fan of RiteAire. It keeps boats crisp and fresh. It keeps the boat fresh throughout for its whole life. What’s more, the RiteAire team installs the system behind the scenes, and you lose very little real estate on board,” Mike said.

Knowing that the RiteAire Marine system can prevent the ill effects of excess humidity on yacht interiors, including mold growth, sagging headliners and “wilted” furnishings, from ever happening, Mike believes a new yacht should have RiteAire installed from the beginning.  “Our goal for the Galati Yacht Sales team is to see more vessels with the RiteAire system,” he said.

Seven Years Later, Viking 66 Owner Says RiteAire Marine™ Whole-Boat Dehumidifier System Is Still “a Life-Saver”

Princess Lily

Seven Years Later, Viking 66 Owner Says RiteAire Marine™ Whole-Boat Dehumidifier System

Is Still “a Life-Saver”

In February 2015, Dawn and Mike Samuels, avid anglers from the Palm Beach, Florida area, took delivery of a brand-new Viking 66 Enclosed Bridge that they named Princess Lily. Dawn is very sensitive to excess humidity and the allergens and decreased air quality it can contribute to inside a yacht. She had struggled with health issues when she spent extended periods of time in their previous 10-year-old boat and was determined to prevent that from happening with the new one.

“Our captain maintained our former boat very well, but we had to put air fresheners around because it smelled musty, and we also used air purifiers. I could stand a weekend on board, but five days was my limit. After that, I would get a sinus infection and come down with a 103-degree fever,” she said.

Dawn and her husband had a RiteAire Marine Whole-Boat Dehumidifier System installed in their new Viking 66 a few months after taking delivery. As soon as the RiteAire System lowered the humidity in Princess Lily below 50 degrees RH and kept it there, the Samuels and their captain, Mike Hunter – who also is sensitive to high humidity – noticed the difference.

“I admit, I was skeptical at first, but immediately after the RiteAire Marine was installed, I felt the difference immediately, and so did the owners,” Capt. Mike told us in 2015. “In no time at all, RiteAire Marine took the excess humidity out of the boat without affecting the inside temperature at all, something air conditioners alone cannot do. It also took away my watery eyes and runny nose. I was amazed.”

Ready for a tournament

For Dawn, the true test of the RiteAire Marine system came a couple of years later, when they took Princess Lily to the Dominican Republic for marlin season. Staying aboard for weekend trips as well as week-long fishing tournaments, she didn’t experience any health problems.

Capt. Mike has maintained the RiteAire System in Princess Lily by regularly changing the filters per the instructions in the owner’s manual. Today, seven years after taking delivery of the boat, Dawn said, “We still don’t have to have air fresheners on board. Any other boat you go into has plug-ins. We don’t need them. The air smells really fresh all the time.”

Unfortunately, she still experiences health problems from time to time when she spends extended periods time on other boats. “I’ve noticed that when there is no RiteAire system on board, I am still sensitive to the allergens,” she said.

She added, “We’ve even convinced several friends to sign up to get RiteAire installed in their boats.”