Ted Reese – Founder’s Story
Success Story-
61’ Viking

I have a 61-foot Viking boat and my wife and I cruise our boat. We use it extensively and sleep on the boat.

What I realized is that, when I would wake up in the morning, I would have itchy eyes and I would be stuffed up.

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Cheoy Lee
Gene Weeks
Express Project Manager

A short while ago I was working on a project for one of our customers. They had recently purchased an 88’ yacht, had taken it out for a cruise then came to me with an issue all too familiar to anyone who has been around big yachts.

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Captain Mike Hunter, Princess Lily – Viking 66

Princess Lily loves RiteAire Marine™!

I captain a 66 foot enclosed bridge Viking called the Princess Lily. The yacht, built in 2014, is beautiful inside and out and a big part of my job is to keep it that way.

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Dr. Kalisch

I recently purchased a Baia 84 yacht. unused for many years. The interior reeked of mold and mildew. It not only smelled bad, but the atmosphere inside the yacht was unhealthy. I knew the rebuilding process was going to be expensive. I was resolved to find a way to protect my health AND my investment going forward.

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Captain Pat Young
Viking 74

The owners of the Seahawk have been highly sensitized to odors since they found mold in their private residence. They had to have their home rebuilt because of the mold and odor problem. They could smell some of the same odors on their yacht in addition to the smell of diesel.

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“Before installing a RiteAire Marine™ Dehumidifier we kept 4 air conditioners running pretty much
full time. Still the yacht had a moldy, musty smell. We’ve been using RiteAire Marine™ for 4 months and now operate only 2 air conditioners. The moldy, musty smell is gone!”

– Captain Abner Pires, 57’ Tollycraft Motor Yacht

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Jay Chatham, Backlash Marine Management

“With RiteAire Marine™ Solution in operation on a Viking 61, the hu¬midity level automatically stays at 45%. The yacht just smells clean. No musty, damp air odor typical of most yachts. Air conditioners alone can’t do the job. With a RiteAire Marine™ Dehumidifier you can feel the dry air difference immediately. “

– Jay Chatham, Backlash Marine Management

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