3 Easy Steps for Yacht Humidity & Solution Evaluation Process

  1. The initial step is a visit with one of the RAM installers to join you on your boat and to walk through the boat to identify the best locations for installation.
  2. Moisture is higher in the lower sections of the boat, and the team reviews the lower sections of the boat to determine an appropriate installation location.
  3. The RAM team categorizes the size of the boat and evaluates any ducting complexities that may exist in the boat. Each installation is unique.

Once The Yacht Evaluation Is Completed, RAM Develops A Quote For A Whole Boat Solution

  • Generally, an installation takes about 3 to 5-day period to complete
  • There is a two-year warranty and satisfaction is guaranteed

Not Sure What’s Causing Your Itchy Red Eyes Or Other Health Concerns?

RAM Provides A Special Scientific Yacht Indoor Air Quality IAQ Testing Service

  • RAM provides an IAQ evaluation to gather your yacht indoor air quality test data
  • Service determines your yacht temperature, humidity, and VOC levels
  • This scientific testing diagnoses and evaluates the levels of temperature, moisture, VOC levels and relative humidity based on your yacht’s current use

Viking 66′ Princess Lily, A/C Only, Then RAM On

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70′ Sportfish Master Stateroom A/C Only

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With RiteAire Marine™ Solution in operation on a Viking 61, the humidity level automatically stays at 45%. The yacht just smells clean. No musty, damp air odor typical of most yachts. Air conditioners alone can’t do the job. With a RiteAire Marine Dehumidifier you can feel the dry air difference immediately.
– Jay Chatham, Backlash Marine Management