Seven Years Later, Viking 66 Owner Says RiteAire Marine™ Whole-Boat Dehumidifier System Is Still “a Life-Saver”

Princess Lily

Seven Years Later, Viking 66 Owner Says RiteAire Marine™ Whole-Boat Dehumidifier System

Is Still “a Life-Saver”

In February 2015, Dawn and Mike Samuels, avid anglers from the Palm Beach, Florida area, took delivery of a brand-new Viking 66 Enclosed Bridge that they named Princess Lily. Dawn is very sensitive to excess humidity and the allergens and decreased air quality it can contribute to inside a yacht. She had struggled with health issues when she spent extended periods of time in their previous 10-year-old boat and was determined to prevent that from happening with the new one.

“Our captain maintained our former boat very well, but we had to put air fresheners around because it smelled musty, and we also used air purifiers. I could stand a weekend on board, but five days was my limit. After that, I would get a sinus infection and come down with a 103-degree fever,” she said.

Dawn and her husband had a RiteAire Marine Whole-Boat Dehumidifier System installed in their new Viking 66 a few months after taking delivery. As soon as the RiteAire System lowered the humidity in Princess Lily below 50 degrees RH and kept it there, the Samuels and their captain, Mike Hunter – who also is sensitive to high humidity – noticed the difference.

“I admit, I was skeptical at first, but immediately after the RiteAire Marine was installed, I felt the difference immediately, and so did the owners,” Capt. Mike told us in 2015. “In no time at all, RiteAire Marine took the excess humidity out of the boat without affecting the inside temperature at all, something air conditioners alone cannot do. It also took away my watery eyes and runny nose. I was amazed.”

Ready for a tournament

For Dawn, the true test of the RiteAire Marine system came a couple of years later, when they took Princess Lily to the Dominican Republic for marlin season. Staying aboard for weekend trips as well as week-long fishing tournaments, she didn’t experience any health problems.

Capt. Mike has maintained the RiteAire System in Princess Lily by regularly changing the filters per the instructions in the owner’s manual. Today, seven years after taking delivery of the boat, Dawn said, “We still don’t have to have air fresheners on board. Any other boat you go into has plug-ins. We don’t need them. The air smells really fresh all the time.”

Unfortunately, she still experiences health problems from time to time when she spends extended periods time on other boats. “I’ve noticed that when there is no RiteAire system on board, I am still sensitive to the allergens,” she said.

She added, “We’ve even convinced several friends to sign up to get RiteAire installed in their boats.”