RiteAire Marine Introduces RAM 3 Dehumidifier

Introducing the Next-Generation RiteAire Marine™ RAM 3 Whole-Boat Dehumidification System with WiFi and Touchscreen Control

RiteAire Marine™ rolled out the next generation of its Whole-Boat Dehumidification System at the Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show (FLIBS) in October 2023. RiteAire Marine has reduced humidity in yacht interiors to healthy, comfortable levels by distributing dry air via the yacht’s own ductwork since 2013. Thanks to its advanced digital design, the new RiteAire Marine RAM 3 system not only automatically controls humidity on board, but it also offers an enhanced user experience, including WiFi capability and a new LCD touchscreen control panel.

The new RiteAire Marine RAM 3 System is based on the proprietary RAM 3 Dehumidifier Unit which features built-in WiFi capability, eliminating the need for users to control the system from a display panel mounted to the wall of the yacht.

“Now yacht owners and captains can operate their RAM 3 system remotely from their smartphone using the RiteAire WiFi mobile app,” said RiteAire Marine Co-Owner Hector Escardo. “The app can be downloaded from the Apple App Store or Google Play. It lets you monitor data from your RAM 3 Dehumidification System and adjust the relative humidity in your yacht’s interior right from your phone.”

Escardo added, “Even when the yacht is out of range of WiFi, if you have cell service, you can use your phone as a hotspot to power your RiteAire WiFi app. You also can adjust your RiteAire system’s settings directly using the new LCD Touchscreen Control Panel incorporated into each RAM 3 unit installed in your boat.”

Along with putting the power to control your yacht’s RiteAire Marine system in the palm of your hand, the new system’s digital WiFi connectivity enables a RiteAire tech to help you program and diagnose the system remotely, without having to make a service call. In addition, the app will send you a reminder when it’s time to make a filter change, ensuring that your RAM 3 system is always operating at peak efficiency.

The new RAM 3 Dehumidification System also offers another key benefit. While the original system included add-on thermal protection, that governor is now built in. Thermal protection shuts down the system when ambient temperatures inside the yacht exceed 95 degees in order to prevent the system from overheating. Thermal protection helps to extend the life of your RiteAire Marine Whole-Boat Dehumidification System, which works in conjunction with the yacht’s onboard air conditioning system to lower interior humidity on board.

Built-in digital connectivity and thermal protection make the new RiteAire Marine RAM 3 Whole-Boat Dehumidification System easier to install both for RiteAire technicians and boat builders. “Although it has roughly the same footprint as our original unit, thanks to these upgrades, there is less additional wiring involved with the next-generation system,” Escardo said.

RAM 3 Dehumidifier Unit with Ducting

The RAM 3 Dehumidifier Unit with ductwork that distributes dry air throughout the yacht’s interior