RiteAire Marine™ Provides A Custom Installed Dehumidifier Whole Boat Solution
Reduce Moisture. Eliminate Mold & Odor

The RiteAire Marine™ dehumidifier system draws moist air in through an optimum point in the boat. The unit lowers the humidity by 30% per pass. Then distributes the dry air via the ductwork to the main salon, multiple staterooms, and other yacht areas. The dry air then mixes with moist air and recirculates back to the dehumidifier unit. The cycle repeats automatically removing humidity, moisture, VOCs, odor, and mold spores from the yacht air until the set point on the humidistat is reached.

RAM trained technicians install the system including: the dehumidifier unit, the humidistat controller, and all hidden ductwork in all size yachts.



  • Dehumidifier

    The RiteAire Marine™ Dehumidifier system draws moist air in through an optimum low point in the boat. The unit lowers the humidity by 30% per pass.

  • Humidistat

    Automatically Turns The Unit On Or Off You Set It And Forget It, Like Your Home Or Office Thermostat Condensation Line Includes Automatic Shut Off

  • Ductwork

    HVAC Ductwork For Marine Applications Distributes Dry Air To Selected Yacht Areas Length And Diameter Optimized For Dry Air Distribution

  • Filter

    Merv 13 Air Filters Are Very High-Quality Filters. Change Air Filters Every 1-3 Months. If You Don’t Want to Change Air Filters, Take Them Out. You Can Remove Air Filters and The Dehumidification Process Will Still Occur.

With RiteAire Marine™ Solution in operation on a Viking 61, the humidity level automatically stays at 45%. The yacht just smells clean. No musty, damp air odor typical of most yachts. Air conditioners alone can’t do the job. With a RiteAire Marine™ Dehumidifier you can feel the dry air difference immediately.
– Jay Chatham, Backlash Marine Management