Improve Air Quality


    RiteAire Marine™ Provides A Custom Installed Dehumidifier Solution For The Whole Yacht

    The system reduces yacht humidity to the 40- 50% RH range.

    This level of humidity is not achievable by a yacht’s air conditioners.

    By Controlling Yacht Humidity At 40-50% Level:

    • Condensation won't occur
    • Mold won't occur
    • Many VOCs will be lessened
    • VOC example is formaldehyde

    Fuel and waste smells will also be reduced

    If you are a person that has experienced waking up in the morning and not feeling 100%, maybe having a little cough, a lot of this is due to the VOCs in the air or mold in the air.

    This is a bigger problem on board a yacht than in your house.

    Modern boats are a lot less well ventilated than a house.

    This lack of ventilation makes VOCs concentrate more in a boat, exposing you to them, and consequently you don’t wake up fresh.

    If you have allergies or you have some other kind of sensitivity to air quality, the problem will be even worse.

    By Controlling Humidity Above 40%, And Below 50% A Lot Of The Symptoms Go Away

    • You wake up fresh, feeling good, and your boat stays cleaner
    • Everyone onboard feels better more comfortable and healthier

    The Way The RAM Product Works Is Very Similar To An Air Conditioner

    • It's got every component that an air-conditioner does, except it is engineered to dehumidify
    • It's not made to reduce the temperature of air
    • It's got very thick evaporator plates to expose more air to the evaporator to allow for a lot more condensation

    RAM Can Take Out As Much As 70 Pounds Of Water Out Of The Air In A Day

    • In one pass of air through the unit, RAM can lower the humidity level by over 30%
    • Air-conditioners do dehumidify a bit, but this is a by byproduct, not by design
    • They can drop humidity down to approximately 65%

    Portable Dehumidifiers Reduce Humidity 2-4% In One Pass

    • They are not ducted and only affect the one space they are running in
    • They have to be set up for use and stored when the boat gets underway

    The RAM Unit Is Ducted Throughout The Boat

    • We install RAM at a low point in the boat
    • RAM ducts the return air

    Factors That Determine How Many Units Are Required:

    • Boat size, layout, and duct runs
    • Typically boats up to 70’ require one unit

    RAM Is Controlled By Digital Humidistat:

      • We recommend keeping it at 45-50% RHM
      • The controller can be programmed in increments of 5%

    • The condensation line is monitored to detect failure. If the condensation line fails, it shuts off the unit
    • There's really not much to do. You set it and you forget it
    • You set the program, and it automatically runs

    The Merv11 Air Filter Is A Very High Quality Filter, And It Further Improves The Air Quality

    • You should be changing air filters every 1-2 months.
    • If you don't want to change the air filters, take them out.
    • If you don't think you're going to be changing it as often as you should, then you can take it out and the dehumidification process will still occur.
    • Not performing timely air filters changes will reduce the amount of air flowing through RAM. This will make RAM work longer periods of time.

    How To Choose The Right Air Quality Solution To Eliminate Yacht Moisture and Odor

    There are many products available that claim to be dehumidifiers.
    And yes, they will do what they say to some degree.

    What They Can’t Do Is Maintain The Whole Yacht Interior At A Constant Healthy Level Of Humidity.
    There Are Bags That Get Rid of Dampness That You've Probably Seen

    • You hang them in your closet and it collects water
    • It's basically a water absorbing media
    • It does take some moisture out from the immediate area
    • It must be thrown out when full
    • Can’t reduce yacht indoor humidity to a healthy level

    Air Conditioners Reduce the Air Temperature And Do Dehumidify Some, As A Consequence, Not By Design

    • Air conditioners can drop humidity down to approximately 55-65%.
    • Chilled water A/C systems do even less for dehumidification.
    • The insulation on the chilled water lines often fail
    • Causing the insulation to get water-logged increasing condensation and humidity
    • Chilled water air handlers run at a higher temperature than standard A/C
    • This further reduces its ability to dehumidify.

    An Air Conditioner Can’t Achieve the Recommended 40-50% Humidity Range
    To Control Humidity
    Consequently, you must reduce humidity, so condensation won't occur, mold won't happen, and several VOCs levels, such as formaldehyde, will be diminished.
    There Are Portable Dehumidifiers Available And Boat Owners Use Them

      • Although helpful, portable dehumidifiers only reduce the humidity level to a certain degree in a specific area

    • Portable units focus on a specific space such as a stateroom
    • These units can only dehumidify that space
    • Portable units remove 2-4% of yacht humidity per pass
    • Very inconvenient to set up
    • Problem to store the portable dehumidifier every time you get underway
    • Requires constant removal and dumping of water
    • THERE IS NO DEHUMIDIFICATION happening when underway

    RiteAire Marine™ (RAM) Developed a Custom Installed Whole Boat Dehumidifier Solution To Help Control Yacht Humidity Automatically

    • RAM solution drops over 30% humidity in the air that passes through it in every pass
    • It's not a toy; it's an engineered commercial grade solution
    • Built to monitor humidity and run 24/7
    • Reducing humidity on a boat automatically for many years to come
    • Set the humidistat control and forget it
    • System automatically reduces and maintains yacht humidity to 40-50% RMH range
    • This 40-50 % humidity range is not achievable by a yacht’s air conditioners
    • RAM Removes Up To 70 Pounds of Water a Day Out Of a Boat

    RAM’s Smart Humidistat Controls Humidity To a Specific Level

    • Once RAM reaches the desired level it automatically turns off
    • It’s a smart humidity control solution for the entire boat
    • RAM Dehumidifier System Is Hidden Like Your Air Conditioner
    • Trained technicians install the dehumidifier system in the boat, so you never notice it
    • All you see is the humidistat on the wall as the controller
    • RAM installs an oversized condensation line to prevent the line from plugging up
    • An automatic alarm shut it off system safeguards the yacht from a flooding issue

    With One RAM Unit Installed, It Will Dehumidify Up To a 70-Foot Yacht Very Successfully

    • RAM will run 40 – 100 % of the time
    • Operation Run Time Depends On Several Things:
    • Yacht Size, Outdoor Humidity, And Number Of People On Board
    • High Humidity Places Like Panama, SE Florida In The Summer
    • Yachts With Full Crew And Guests Onboard
    • Then RAM Will Be Running Nearly Constantly
    • With Fewer People Onboard, The Less It Will Run
    • In The Winter, RAM Will Run Less Frequently

    IAQ-Indoor Air Quality

    Just as drinking water went from being a bottled novelty to a quality necessity,

    Now the air we breathe in our homes, offices, and yachts is equally as important.

    Indoor Air And Its Quality Is Under Much Scrutiny By Not Only Yacht Owners, and Especially By Major Organizations Such As:

      • World Health Organization (WHO)
      • Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OHSA)

    • Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)

    OSHA, WHO & CDC Are Researching For One Key Reason:

    Moisture expressed as humidity creates mold and volatile organic compounds (VOCs like formaldehyde) that cause inadequate enclosed living environments resulting in health issues.

    The Presence Of Moisture-Driven Allergens In The Indoor Environment Is Due To: Dampness And Inadequate Ventilation Causing High Humidity

    • Any moisture on indoor materials leads to the growth of: mold, fungus, and bacteria
    • Which subsequently emit spores via cells, recycling throughout the yacht’s indoor air
    • Moisture also encourages chemical and biological degradation of interior materials, which also pollutes indoor air

    Another Serious IAQ Concern Is The Release Of Formaldehyde

    • Formaldehyde has been suggested to be a strong, consistent indicator in risk of asthma and or respiratory symptoms as well as more significant health issues

    Modern Yacht HVAC Systems Cannot Control These Humidity Issues.

    • In fact, some of these systems generate more moisture from its coils among other parts, adding humidity to the cycling air within the yachts interior.
    • To date, the choices have been limited on how to remedy the moisture problem
      • Ranging from short-term purifying applications, to new HVAC units, to expensive refits.

    RiteAire Marine™ Has The Answer And The Solution!

    RiteAire Marine™ Has The Only Installed Dehumidification Whole Boat System With Dedicated Ducts That Has Been Proven To Eliminate Excess Moisture

      • RAM removes up to 70 pounds of water (moisture from the indoor air) a day
      • RAM get the moisture out, and discharged overboard

    • RAM lowers the relative humidity to a healthy level of 50% or less
    • RAM removes the moisture and as a direct result:
      • Yacht odor and mold growth disappear along with many of the VOC emissions

    RiteAire Marine™ Is Committed To Removing Moisture From Enclosed Yachts That Have Humidity And Moisture Above The Healthy Levels Of Humidity

    • Our installed dehumidification whole boat solution will get the results to fix this age-old dysfunction
    • By using our innovative technology and instrumentation to assess and monitor humidity levels, we can determine the most effective installation required

    Currently with over four years of installations and 100% satisfied clients, RiteAire Marine™ is the “Rite” choice to improve your yacht’s Indoor Air Quality.

    No More Portables Or Damp Bag Hangers

    RiteAire Marine™ Set It & Forget It Technology

    Keeps Your Yacht Integrity, Saves Your Money, & Ultimately Protects Your Health

    You will be hearing more about IAQ as these agencies start mandating safe limits of the indoor air quality because of new case data research.


    With Over 50 Combined Years Of Yachting Experience, Riteaire Marine™ Pioneered The Technology For Improving IAQ Indoor Air Quality On Yachts



    Yacht Indoor Air Quality, Humidity & VOCs

    VOCs, like formaldehyde, attach themselves to water molecules which are all part of the air around us.

    VOCs are water-soluble or magnetically attracted to water.

    When you reduce the humidity, then you reduce the VOCs that are in the air.

    The RAM system doesn’t eliminate the VOCs 100%, but the result of reducing yacht humidity reduces VOCs and then you achieve a very comfortable and healthy boat.

    Many Yacht Owners Are Health-Conscious

    Some yacht owners just don’t like the damp, mildew, or moldy type boat odors.

    People know about the problem with the humidity on boats and VOCs.

    After they experience a custom installed dehumidifier whole boat solution, they are delighted with the improved healthy air quality.

    Over the years, RAM has provided custom installed dehumidifier whole boat solutions for different brands of boats such as: Viking, Tollycraft, Baia, and Cheoy Lee.

    Some Boats, Especially Foreign Boats, Have A Bigger Problem With VOCs Than American-Made Boats

    RAM has had great success on some of these foreign manufactured boats in eliminating or lowering the VOCs, such as formaldehyde, waste & fuel odors. To improve the indoor air quality so it is much healthier for the yacht owners.

Many yacht owners think air conditioners can solve the humidity issue. But opening and closing doors, windowsand hatches, just during normal activity, can over tax many AC systems. In the southern climates, the AC runs nearly all the time leading to more condensation and odor. To do the job right on big yachts, you need one system to cool the air and another, like the RiteAire Marine™ Dehumidi-fication System to remove the moisture.
-Gene Weeks, Project Manager, Cheoy Lee