How The RiteAire Marine Dehumidifier System Works


Hector Escardo here.

I’m the Co-Founder & Director of Installations with RiteAire Marine™.

Many of you requested we share with you a link to our video about how the RiteAire Marine™ dehumidifier system works.


Please click this link to see a quick video we made entitled “How It Works Video.”


Your Yacht A/C Dehumidify Control Switch
Can NOT Reduce Humidity Levels
To Eliminate MOLD GROWTH


Clicking this link is the best first step you can take in your journey to Reduce Moisture & Eliminate Mold & Odor in your yacht.

…yes, you read that right – ELIMINATE.


You see, the stated mission of RiteAire Marine™ is to:

Reduce Moisture & Eliminate Mold & Odor


We hope you’re on your way to becoming one of those more comfortable and healthy yachts, we want to provide you with as many resources as possible.




Thank you 🙂 You’ll be hearing from me again very soon!


Talk soon,

Hector Escardo
Co-Founder & Director of Installations
RiteAire Marine™