102’, Viking 68’, Metal Shark Factory Inquiries & Installations

Despite the pandemic, success stories and new requests to continue to fill the RiteAire Marine calendar. 

Grand Banks 60’, Hatteras GT 65’, Horizon 102’, Viking 68’, Metal Shark Factory Inquiries & Installations

Here is a brief recap of our projects and installations that have been completed or are being shipped. More WorkBoat news coming next month on the pending Metal Shark project.

Grand Banks 60’ With RAM Factory Installation

New Grand Banks 60’ arrives in the USA. Hector reviews and checks out the successful factory installation.

Viking 68’ Enjoys Humidity Reduced Comfort

Multiple humidity monitors and scientific tests at Viking South in Riviera Beach prove that the RAM Team reduced the humidity from 70% to below 50% and into the Healthy Comfort Zone!

RAM Ships Systems to Horizon 102’ in Taiwan

Hector coordinated with their global installation project team. Hector worked closely with naval architects and the Horizon team for the design installations. Horizon then recently ordered five RAM Dehumidification Systems for the Horizon 102’ Superyacht.

EPA Endorses Scientific Research and Proof that Recommends an Ideal Healthy Zone

Contact RiteAire Marine to get your boat into the Healthy Zone and enjoy healthy indoor air! To review supporting documents, please click the link: https://riteairemarine.com/healthy/

Healty Zone Chart

100% Success Rate: RiteAire Marine Dehumidification Systems Eliminates Hidden Mold Under Saggy Headliners, Inside Valances & Ductwork

Over the last 5 years, our RAM System has eliminated hidden moist locations where A/C supply air hits fabric, ductwork, and air handlers leading to smells and unhealthy boat air with a 100% success rate with these preeminent brands: Azimut, Cheoy Lee, Grand Banks, Hargrave, Hatteras, Horizon, Jim Smith, Maritimo, Outer Reef, Princess, Viking, and Westport.

Reduce Moisture & Eliminate Irritants Such As Bacteria, Viruses, & Mold From Developing Within The Yacht

Get the moisture out of your valuable interior. Schedule our Patented Whole Boat Dehumidification System for install at the factory or at your dock.

See additional scientific test result data and video proof at https://riteairemarine.com/

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Hector Escardo, Co-owner and Ted Reese, Co-owner RiteAire Marine™


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