Spotlight on the Galati Yacht Sales Service Dept.

Please Don’t Call it “Service”

Galati Yacht Sales Provides Total Customer Support

For the Life Cycle of Your Boat

During the decade that RiteAire Marine® has been installing our custom Whole-Boat Dehumidification System in yachts, we have worked in many, many marine service yards. The family-owned Galati Yacht Sales runs one of the best-run service operations we have ever seen, delivering outstanding customer service.

But apparently, “service” is the wrong word to use to describe it.

“We don’t offer service. We are 100% a customer support team. We are here to support you,” said Mike Galati.

A member of the second generation of his family to work for the 53-year-old company, Mike leads the Customer Service (Support) Team at Galati’s yacht service yards, which currently employ more than 80 people.

Galati Yacht Sales operates three service yards on Florida’s Gulf Coast, located in the towns of Anna Maria, Tampa and Destin. Galati also is a new-boat dealer for Viking, Valhalla, Cruisers, Princess and Prestige Yachts, as well as selling pre-owned yachts out of 14 different locations across the U.S., in Mexico and Costa Rica. Dedicated to providing complete customer support throughout the life cycle of the boats purchased through Galati Yacht Sales, the service yards primarily work on customers’ yachts.

“We service the brands we sell,” Mike said.

Galati’s yards provide a wide range of parts, maintenance and repair work. Mike and the other service (support) managers won’t sign off on any job that doesn’t meet the family’s exacting standard of quality.

RiteAire Marine Co-Owner Ted Reese, who recently had the galley of his Viking 61 updated at Galati’s Anna Maria service yard, can attest to this. “We had new appliances and matching hardware on the cabinetry installed. When I got back on the boat, it was perfect. The result is beautiful, and they did it all in-house,” Ted said. “When I take my Viking to Galati, it’s like taking it to a ‘health spa”’ Now, my boat is ready for another season of fun and fishing.”

No customer request is too small for Galati’s Customer Support Team to handle. “We ship parts all over our large territory and wherever our customers travel. It’s a relationship. When you are part of the family, you are part of the family,” Mike said.

RiteAire Marine Co-Owner Hector Escardo’s relationship with Galati dates back at least 20 years. “We call Hector a ‘MacGyver’. You give him a task and he will figure out how to make it happen,” Mike said. When the RiteAire Dehumidification System launched in 2013, the Galati team recognized its value for their customers right away.

“I have been a big fan of RiteAire. It keeps boats crisp and fresh. It keeps the boat fresh throughout for its whole life. What’s more, the RiteAire team installs the system behind the scenes, and you lose very little real estate on board,” Mike said.

Knowing that the RiteAire Marine system can prevent the ill effects of excess humidity on yacht interiors, including mold growth, sagging headliners and “wilted” furnishings, from ever happening, Mike believes a new yacht should have RiteAire installed from the beginning.  “Our goal for the Galati Yacht Sales team is to see more vessels with the RiteAire system,” he said.