What is a RiteAire Marine Custom Installed Dehumidifier Whole Boat Solution?

A permanently installed dehumidifying unit for all climate-controlled areas of your boat. It is ducted to all spaces to maintain humidity below 50% Relative Humidity and controlled by a digital humidistat. You set it and forget it.

1) What are the benefits of controlling humidity below 50%?

It eliminates the environment that mold needs to colonize, even in the air conditioning ducts. RAM reduces VOCs such as Formaldehyde, waste, and fuel smells. RAM provides a healthier & more comfortable living environment; towels, clothes, sheets are dry and silky.

2) How does it reduce VOCs?

We get exposed to some VOCs because they are present in the air. This is because they are either water soluble or magnetically attracted to water. By reducing humidity in the yard, RAM lowers these unwanted VOCs.

3) My air conditioner has a dehumidifying mode, how effective is it?

Dehumidifying mode is best described as an energy saving mode. It runs your air conditioner intermittently at a low fan speed. To dehumidify you would be better off running the air conditioner all the time.

4) Doesn’t my air conditioner dehumidify?

It does as a side effect, not by design. At best it can maintain you at 62% relative humidity in newer boats. Chilled water systems may have very little ability to dehumidify the moist air with their current systems.

5) How does RITEAIRE MARINE compare to portable dehumidifiers?

RITEAIRE MARINE drops the humidity by over 30% in one pass. Portable units drop humidity by 2-4% in one pass. Although we both have a similar air flow, portable units would on average need 10 passes to treat the same amount of air. RITEAIRE MARINE is ducted to all climate-controlled spaces, benefiting the entire boat, and running less often.

6) Where can I get a quote & installation?

By calling RITEAIRE MARINE at (727) 954-5885.

7) What does a typical installation include?

1) Dehumidification unit.

2) All ducting.

3) Smart Automatic Humidistat Controller.

4) The RAM security alarm system for shut down on the condensation line.

5) Electrical supply to 115 VAC panel including breaker.

6) Custom matching grilles and finish when needed.

8) What size is RITEAIRE MARINE?

22” long X 12” wide X 12” tall.

9) How many RiteAire Marine Dehumidification Solution units do I need?

One unit will be best up to a 70’ Yacht. 70’ to 85’ = to 2 units. 85’-115’ = 3-4 units.

10) What is the recommended relative humidity level?


11) Why not maintain humidity to 35% or lower?

Some of the finishes and joinery work in the boat may shrink and crack. Too low of humidity can be uncomfortable for the interior of the yacht and its inhabitants.

12) How much humidity/water can RITEAIRE MARINE remove?

In a high humidity environment, up to 70 pints per day.

13) What are the power requirements?

Peak power consumption is 5.1 amps while running. It is milliamps when it is not running.

14) What should it be fused or breaker size?

10-15 amps with 10-14 AWG wire depending on length of run and breaker size.

15) Can it run from an electrical outlet?


16) Does it run all the time?

No. The RAM Smart Automatic Humidistat Controller will control the Dehumidifier Solution unit to maintain the yacht at the programed level of humidity. RITEAIRE MARINE will turn on and off to maintain you at this level.

17) Where does all the water go?

The condensation line will be plumbed directly overboard when RITEAIRE MARINE is installed above the water line. If RITEAIRE MARINE is installed below the water line, we will plumb condensation to grey water tank of sump.

18) What if condensation line is clogged?

RAM has a modified security sensor that turns off the unit in the event of a clog or flooding.

19) What kind of maintenance is needed?

The RiteAire Marine Custom Installed Dehumidifier Whole Boat Solution has very little maintenance needed. Replacing the air filter every 1 to 3 months is recommended.

20) What kind of filter is needed?

RAM recommends the MERV 11 filter. It is a very high-quality filter.

21) Where to purchase replacement filters?

Call us at RiteAire Marine, we have them ready to ship. You can also purchase them on line.

22) What do filters cost?

$15 = shipping and tax.

23) Can I use a lesser filter?

Yes, you can also operate without a filter. The filter does not affect dehumidification unless it is very dirty. Although the filter does enhances air-quality in the Yacht.

24) What is the warranty?

RAM offers a Two Year warranty on every unit installed as well as the installation itself.

RAM will warranty its installation for 2 years

25) How noisy is RITEAIRE MARINE?

This unit is extremely quiet. RAM has installed over 20 units under the master stateroom bed with not one complaint.

26) How much air do we move?

160 CFM minimal when properly installed.