How RiteAire Marine™ Started

In 2011, when Ted and Hector first met, it was a customer service relationship.

Ted is a successful business man, chemical engineer, and avid boater for decades. He has identified his discomfort of sleeping aboard a long time ago as high humidity. Ted has used portable dehumidifiers on his boat for years.

Hector is the owner of Escardo Marine; a marine service company established in 1996. He has been boating, building boats and repairing them since 1982.

Hector Escardo

Ted Reese

Problem: High Humidity Frustration Inspires New Idea

In the Spring of 2013, Ted had a new project in mind: To research and install a permanent, out of the way, low maintenance, effective dehumidification system for the whole boat.

They both went to work researching dehumidification whole boat ducted solutions and found none!

Solution: Idea Becomes New Comfort Reality

By early summer of 2013, they set out to design a solution and Hector executed it.

A commercial dehumidifier was permanently installed and ducted to controlall interior spaces at 45-50% RHM.

Results: Yacht Living Conditions Exceed Expectations

By late summer of 2013 Ted had been cruising on his Viking 61’ for a month in the Florida Keys. He was so pleased with the improved air quality and personal comfort that he called Hector.

“The living conditions inside the boat have exceeded my expectations. The quality of the air seems even better than the previous portable dehumidifiers.

Every air-conditioned boat needs this. The health, comfort, and simplicity of the system is good for the boater. This system has a huge business potential. RAM was established.” Ted Reese

EPA Test Equipment Prove Formaldehyde Reduced with New RAM System

Ted, a chemical engineer, decided to measure the chemical content of the air. His EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) and WHO (World Health Organization) literature research revealed that formaldehyde was attracted to moisture.

An EPA approved formaldehyde Graywolf portable tester was purchased.

  • Testing the air on Ted’s boat revealed that when the installed RAM was off, the formaldehyde in the air was high.
  • When RAM was turned on to reduce the RH (Relative Humidity) to below 50% then the formaldehyde dropped to low parts per billion.
  • Mold spores in the Air Conditioner valances gone
  • Reduced the invisible water air-born VOC chemicals like formaldehyde
  • Professional Graywolf testing equipment revealed that the VOC reduction difference in the quality of the indoor air is a direct result of the RAM System

Installations of RiteAire Marine™ systems have been increasing every year

All customers to date are 100% satisfied and provide testimonials.

RiteAire Marine™ is currently being considered as a factory option by several builders where they have been installed for several years.

When I wake up in the morning, I don’t have itchy eyes, I don’t have stuffiness. I feel healthy and we know that we’re maintaining a healthy environment within the entire yacht.
-Ted Reese, Cadence, 61’ Viking