Well Wishes For a Remarkable 2021

Happy New Year to all our Customers and Friends!

Be sure to check out our new Maritime Moment video interview with Hector.

Well Wishes For a Remarkable 2021

This has been a challenging year to say the least and we wish you more than ever — first and foremost — good health. Secondly, prosperity. And thirdly, a NEW YEAR of hope and NEW possibilities.
Many of us forget to enjoy all that life has to offer, especially in this bizarrely restricted time we live in — but we can STILL connect in so many unique, beautiful, and personalized ways.

Remember to reach out to those that you care about or have impacted your life, they may appreciate it now more than you will ever know!

Wishing you and yours the happiest for a New Year from me and the entire team here at RiteAire Marine!

New Maritime Moment Video Interview with Hector

Maritime Moment introduces its new title sponsor, RiteAire Marine, and co-founder Hector Escardo. As you may know, Hector developed and engineered an award-winning tuna tube solution for sport fishers and solved the humidity and condensation problem by eliminating mold, mildew, and odor on a boat with RiteAire Marine’s patented installed dehumidification system.

Many companies provide mold remediation, but RiteAire prevents mold by controlling the humidity. Learn more about mold and odor prevention on your own vessel, and a few fish stories. Go to this link- https://riteairemarine.com/blog

100% Success Rate: RiteAire Marine Dehumidification Systems Eliminates Hidden Mold Under Saggy Headliners, Inside Valances & Ductwork

Over the last 5 years, our RAM System has eliminated hidden moist locations where the cold A/C supply air hits fabric, ductwork, and air handlers condensing some moisture in the air leading to smells and unhealthy boat air with moist locations for mold to colonize and grow. It’s true…100% success rate with these preeminent brands: Azimut, Cheoy Lee, Grand Banks, Hargrave, Hatteras, Horizon, Jim Smith, Maritimo, Metal Shark, Nordhavn, Outer Reef, Princess, Viking, and Westport.

Reduce Moisture & Eliminate Irritants Such As Bacteria, Viruses, & Mold From Developing Within The Yacht

Get the moisture out of your valuable interior. Schedule our Patented Whole Boat Dehumidification System for install at the factory or at your dock.

See additional scientific test result data and video proof at www.riteairemarine.com

Thanks for joining our circle of knowledge.

Happy New Year,

 Hector Escardo, Co-owner and Ted Reese, Co-owner RiteAire Marine

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